Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all great platforms for your business to gain exposure and place ads. Whether you are hosting an event, launching a product, or just trying to improve your search engine optimization, it’s smart to build a social media presence that looks professional and makes your business look it’s best.

Spread the Word

Keep your potential customers informed about what you’re doing and where you’ll be. Posting on social media is an easy way to communicate, share information and keep in touch with your clients. Once an ad has been designed it can often be reused and resized to suit different platforms or mediums.

Instagram image created for AGS Stainless.
This was one of five Instagram images created for the Bainbridge Island based, AGS Stainless Inc. to publicize their presence at the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Marketing Strategy

Posting on social media platforms can boost your website’s traffic. Creating frequent and high quality posts can generate interest in your product and lead to site visitors.

CaroleAnn Graphic Design, Sandblasting Glass, Social Media Advertisement.
An example of indirect advertising, I created a range of images which were used on various social media platforms to promote an instructional video about sandblasting and etching glass.

Marketing your Product or Brand

Having a social media presence provides opportunities for you to increase the visibility of your product or service. Every time you make a post, share a video, or upload an image your followers will likely react, comment, or even visit your site. Professionally designed images will communicate your message in a clear and efficient manner.

CaroleAnn Graphic Design Ad for AGS Stainless, Glacier Railings
This advertisement was created to promote AGS Stainless, Glacier Contemporary Glass Railing.
CaroleAnn Graphic Design Ad for AGS Stainless, Glacier Railings.
Well placed posts in specific groups can deliver your ad to your target audience.

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