Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Google my Business are all great platforms for your company to gain exposure. Whether you are hosting an event, launching a product, or just trying to improve your customer engagement, it’s a good idea to build a professional social media presence that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Using a Social Media Marketing Plan to Sell Your Products

As a social media specialist, I can help your business communicate and connect with your clients. Perhaps you need ads for Facebook, sales graphics for your latest promotion, or a great-looking LinkedIn cover picture. Social media marketing is highly effective in reaching targeted audiences. Whether you choose to pay for advertising or simply want to utilize a free platform, it’s good to use professional graphics for social media platforms.

Instagram image created for AGS Stainless.
Many of my clients request help with social media advertising for Facebook Ads and Instagram campaigns.

Social Media Strategy for Political Campaigns

Social media branding provides an excellent opportunity for you to promote your message. Your followers will likely react, comment, or visit your site whenever you post, share a video, or upload an image. I have experience providing social media marketing services and political campaign designs that are highly communicative and compelling.

A professionally designed Facebook cover image will create a great first impression. I designed the above political candidate logo, social media ads, and election campaign signs and merchandise.

Social Media for Event Advertising

Posting on social media platforms is a great way to promote events. Creating frequent and high-quality posts will inform the public about your organization’s activities and lead to increased awareness. Designing social media posting strategies to help your business connect and inform the local community about your offerings is part of what I do.

Facebook and Instagram are great places to post local events and activity updates. You can post attractive event poster designs online and around town.

How Can Social Media Help My Business Succeed?

When most people think about social media, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram come to mind. There’s so much more to social media. First impressions matter. Having a professional cover image design and profile picture makes all the difference in how other people see your business. Here are a few platforms where you need to dress to impress.

  • Google My Business – Improve your Google listing with attractive cover photo graphics.
  • LinkedIn – Network and connect with a custom LinkedIn banner design.
  • Indeed – Attract the right candidates by giving job seekers insight into your company by posting pictures that tell a story.

What Is a Cover Photo?

A cover photo is like a banner; it’s the primary image displayed at the top of the social media platform. Most businesses change their cover images regularly. For example, a clothes store would need a new look each time a collection becomes available.

What Is a Profile Image?

A profile image is also described as an avatar; it’s usually square or round and typically shows the company logo or a person’s face. Profile images build branding and identity.

Ask About Social Media Graphics Packages

  • Profile and Banner Graphics for Company Social Media Accounts

    Package includes profile and cover images for three platforms. Spruce up your social media graphics and give your business a more compelling presence on the internet.

  • Marketing Photos for a Product Launch, Sale, or Promotion

    Package includes one cover image and nine post images for platforms of your choosing. Design a marketing strategy to let people know about the great things your company has to offer.

  • Social Media Event Marketing Images

    Package includes one poster design and three additional graphic images for online posts. Using social media to advertise local events lets you post timely reminders and engage your audience.