Generally speaking, graphic designers usually use Illustrator and Photoshop to create digital illustrations. The main difference between the programs is that images designed in Photoshop are usually pixel-based jpegs. Whereas graphics created in Illustrator are typically vector files such as logos or flat color artwork.

I have created digital artwork designs for many clients and for many different purposes during my career. Projects include:

  • Infographic design for teaching programs and instruction manuals.
  • Graphic design for political campaigns.
  • Business presentation illustrations.
  • Illustration for reports and statements of qualification.

Infographic Design for Training and Development

I have vast experience designing illustrated content for textbooks and training courses, including infographic design, timeline graphics, organization chart artwork, and data presentation design. A Bainbridge Island business commissioned these business infographics used for a company training presentation.

A local Bainbridge Island company commissioned organization chart images, illustrations for presentations and graphics for reports.

Digital artwork for reports will help you communicate with your audience. Vector artwork is extremely versatile and can be saved in different file formats. You can use vector infographics and data presentation artwork for brochures, company reports, or PowerPoint presentations.

A local Bainbridge Island company commissioned organization chart images, illustrations for presentations and graphics for reports.

When your goal is to engage your audience, never underestimate the value of infographics. The best infographic designers follow these three simple rules:

  • Use a limited color scheme.
  • Minimize text.
  • Infographic design ideas should be as simple as possible.

Graphic artists use Adobe Illustrator to create PowerPoint presentation designs, so you can get a unique custom look without using a pre-existing template. A modern background design using your company colors will help promote your company identity and create a professional look.

Illustration for Instruction Manual Design

I created this camera illustration as part of a layout for a course syllabus for a college-level class. Many of the images I design are for training and development courses or illustrated instruction manuals.

Design for training materials includes data graphs, vector infographics and digital artwork like this camera illustration.

Legal Graphic Services and Trial Graphics

Many of my clients are attorneys. I design litigation graphics and artwork for trials. Typically the work includes data visualization, timeline design, diagrams, org charts, and graphs.

I design graphics for litigation including data presentation graphics, data visualization charts, and organizational chart graphics.

Political Campaign Logos and Signs

I have designed political candidate logos, campaign trail flyers, social media graphics, and websites for multiple political candidates.

Vector Icon and Infographic Design

Simple illustrations help make a website more attractive. Whether you choose to include graphs, charts, or infographics, beautiful design elements will keep people engaged with your content for longer.

I design teaching illustrations, simple vector icons, and logos for local Tacoma, Kitsap, and Pierce County businesses.

Illustration for Event Poster Design

Print shops usually request a vector illustration design if you want to print on anything other than paper or something largescale like a vinyl printed banner. Therefore Illustrator artwork is ideal for logos, t-shirt designs, and signage graphics.

I have designed many event posters, social media graphics and T shirts for local Bainbridge Island businesses.