Over the course of a decade I designed various magazines and books for businesses such as Disney, Pearson and Dorling Kindersley. Publications include Disney’s Big Time, Disney’s Planet and Winnie the Pooh and Friends. During this period I gained extensive experience in working with style guides and conforming to brand guidelines.

Fangs! An Educational Magazine about Teeth and Dental Care

As a result of my experience working in the children’s publishing industry, I have learned how to make educational material both fun and interesting. Choosing the perfect photograph or creating an interesting illustration brings vibrancy to educational content.


Presenting educational material in a fun way helps kids stay focused.

Using Images to Illustrate Content

Bold bright colorful images appeal to children, spark interest and initiate curiosity.

Venomous Snake Poster from Fangs! A Kids Magazine
Featuring bright colorful and interesting images keeps kids engaged.

Puzzles are a Fun Way to Reinforce Learning

Presenting educational material in an interesting format can help children learn. Puzzle pages are a good way for children to test their own knowledge in a relaxed and informal way.

Fangs, A Puzzle Page from a Children's Magazine
Crosswords and puzzles are a good way to  reinforce children’s learning