Question: “I already have a logo, but it’s a jpeg, and I need it recreated as a vector file, is this something you can do?”
Answer: “Yes, usually, but first search your computer or email for these two file extensions: .ai and .eps”.

It’s often the case that when a logo is designed the graphic designer supplies the client with the logo in several different file formats. Often the business owner uses the raster images (the .jpeg or .png), but they forget that they have the vector (.ai and .eps) images too. A period of time passes, and eventually, a situation may arise where a vector file is needed, but it can’t be found.

Before proceeding any further, I always recommend searching your computer and email for the illustrator document. By searching for a file type rather than a file name, you don’t need to know what the logo is called.

Simply put, you can rename a jpeg, but the extension remains jpeg, it’s the same with any file type. You may have thousands of jpegs stored on your computer, but the chances are you have very few .ai or .eps documents. Hopefully, you’ll find what you are looking for but if not please read on.

The complexity of recreating a logo as a vector file depends on your logo. If your logo has been built using simple flat color shapes like the ones in the featured image above, it may be a simple task. However, if your logo is more or an illustration with shading and style, it’s a more complex job and is likely to be more time-consuming.

If possible, always go back to the original designer, there may be a copyright issue. If that’s not an option, I’m here to help.

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